The Different Eras
at Turner Field in Albany, GA

Naval Air Station:
Turner Field Air Force Base 1958-1966

Most recently, Turner Field has been known in Albany, Georgia as the Naval Air Station. Until July 1, 1967, the base was first an Army Air Corps base and then an Air Force base. This period encompasses both World War II and the Korean War era. In addition, it covers the peace years until Vietnam. The base changed hands in the middle of the Vietnam War Era. For this reason, this section covers this time segment and does so under the name most recently and best known by the young people of Albany.

History of the US Naval Air Station in Albany

The period of peace – life was very much the story of families and their activities, of community, of preparedness for come what may.

It was during this time that the Nike Missiles moved to Albany and established their headquarters at Turner Air Force Base.

And during this time that the Mapping Service moved to Albany in order to create official maps of Mexico, Central America and South America. These maps are still in use today.

While maintaining security for classified concepts, the base was open to the public and the public was invited to visit.   Join us in visiting Turner Field at this époque.

1958 was the beginning of this time frame. The Chamber of Commerce was justifiably proud of the activity in Albany, Georgia at this time.

Chamber of Commerce in Action - 1958

Under whatever name, Albany, Georgia was proud of the Air Base that this community wanted in 1940 and cherished and supported until its closure in 1976.