that were stationed at Turner Field in Albany, GA

Made by Republic Aviation Corporation of Farmingdale, L.I., N.Y, the F-84F Thunderstreak has sleek, clean lines which attest to the super-fast speed. The Air Force’s first swept-wing fighter-bomber, the T-Streak’s versatility qualifies it equally for interceptor and escort missions. As a fighter, the "F" is capable of very high speeds and exceptionally long-range operations. As a ground support plane, it is designed to carry more armament than the record breaking loads of its sister plane, the F-84G Thunderjet. The Thunder-streak is in full scale production for supply to major USAF commands and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) countries.


A notice on the back of the photograph of the FS-366 written by the manufacturer is stated below.

From Republic Aviation Corporation

New USAF Fighter Bomber Packs Heavyweight Wallop

More Firepower: The United States Air Force’s first swept-wing fighter-bomber, the atom bomb carrying F-84F Thunderstreak, is shown here with some of the armament and fuel tanks it carries besides the A-bomb. Each Republic Thunderstreak mounts the six .50 caliber machine guns seen center rear with the ammunition belts. Other items which the "F" carries in varying combinations exceeding 6,000 pounds are: front row, left to right, two 1,000-pound bombs, one 2,000- pound bomb, 24 five-inch high velocity aircraft rockets, one 2,000-pound bomb and two 1,000-pound bombs. ‘Longer legs’ are provided with external fuel tanks, back row, left to right: two 230-gallon fuel tanks, two 450-gallon fuel tanks, and two more 230-gallon fuel tanks. In addition, for global missions, the Thunderstreak features in-flight refueling.

But the Thunderstreak possesses more than range and hitting power. Its speed is much greater than the 650-mile-an-hour class listing. With primary mission as a fighter-bomber, the Thunderstreak’s performance makes it highly effective for interception and escort missions. The plane is powered by the Sapphire J-65 engine, producing 7,200 pounds thrust, which is built by Wright Aeronautical and Buick.