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This Web Site has been presented on behalf of MillerCoors by some very good and involved Albany citizens.   We would like for you to meet them here.

Dr. Charles Lamb
Dr. Charles Lamb
The only member of the group who was trained at Turner Field was Doctor Charles Lamb.  Dr. Lamb was a member of Class 41-H of the United States cadets.  He was commissioned 2nd Lieutenant on October 31, 1941.  After that, he served as a flying instructor and tactical officer until 1945.  During this time, he instructed both the British and French cadets.  He retired from the U.S. Air Force Reserves as Lieutenant Colonel.

Born in Ocala, Florida in 1918, Dr. Lamb attended Mercer University in Macon, Georgia.  After World War II, Dr. Lamb studied medicine.  After completing his medical training, Dr. Lamb returned to Albany, Georgia, serving the community as a respected physician until his retirement.

The photo to the right is Dr. Charles Lamb as his cadet students would have known him.  Below is Dr. Lamb's French pilot of aviation certificate.

A member of the first class of aviation cadets, Dr. Lamb stayed at Turner as a flight instructor and as the most popular of all men in the military, tactical officer, responsible for teaching military discipline to recruits and cadets.  (The Albany Herald, April 26, 1992)

James MorganJames Morgan
James Morgan first arrived at Turner Field in 1941. He was assigned to aircraft maintenance. After a six-month tour, here, he was transferred overseas. At war’s end, he returned to Turner and was discharged in 1946. He reentered the military to be stationed again at Turner Air Base with the 31st Air Police Squadron.

In 1954, he was sent to Misawa, Japan on the Fox Peter One Flight. We thank him for the use of his Fox Peter One yearbook and for the pictures in it.

While in Misawa, Mr. Morgan was treated for a perforated Ulcer (see picture above, taken of Mr. Morgan in Misawa and included in the Fox Peter One yearbook). He returned to Turner from which he was discharged on medical disability. According to Mr. Morgan, "Turner was one of the most popular bases in the entire Air Command."

Lamar Clifton
Lamar was the Executive Director of the Albany-Dougherty Chamber of Commerce at the time Miller Brewing Company established their new plant at Turner Field in 1979.  After leaving the Chamber of Commerce, he   joined First State Bank & Trust Bank of Albany.  A native of Dougherty County, Lamar is now retired and has been a vital source of information and photographs for the Turner Field Project.

In 1997, on behalf of First State Corporation, Lamar Clifton wrote a book entitled "A First State Corporation Legacy."  Published by the Rose Publishing Company of Tallahassee, Florida, the book is an excellent history of the First State Bank Corporation in Albany, Georgia, and therefore, Albany, itself.  No history of Albany would be complete without some history of Turner Field and of MillerCoors.   Much information from Lamar's books is scattered throughout this web site.

Bob Drake
A retired lawyer, Bob was a major organizer of the events surrounding the two visits from British pilots who trained at Turner and Darr Air Bases in Albany, Georgia.  He began his interest in the history of Turner Field through the people involved in it.  Much of the copy in this Web Site has been written by him.

Whit Gunnels
Whit was an employee at Molson Coors from 2008 until 2022 and was a lifelong resident of Albany, Georgia.  He saw it grow from his youthful days to the modern community it has become.  He led us to photographs owned by the City Planning Commission and was a vital source of information.

Paul DeloachPaul Deloach
Paul served as the Community Relations Manager at Miller Brewing. Paul translated the desire of the company to preserve its history into actuality.   Formerly the executive director of the Albany Boys Club, Paul moved to Miller after the company's establishment in the community.  It was through his personal involvement in the community that attributed so much to Miller Brewing's reputation of being an excellent corporate citizen for Albany, Georgia.



Liz KlemannElizabeth P. Klemann
As the President of the Resource Connector, Inc., which was a public relations firm staffed by community activists. Liz and her associates put heart and soul into the development of this Web Site.

Karen M Sills

Karen M. Sills
Karen was the WEBMASTER for this historical Internet project on Turner Field in Albany, Georgia.  She developed the site for the Committee.

Daniel Titus
Daniel redesigned the site in 2010 and again in 2023.